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I think I am a central figure
standing alone
But when this is my thought
I ignore my connections.

Life is like a complex tapestry
of thread
creating more and more
intricate patterns.

The more care, focus, and thought
that is entered into this picture
the more Illuminating the result.

When I truly remember,
that I am a strand of colour
woven into the picture
and not the Weaver.
Then, will I remember my connections
and see how many threads
connect me to others
as a family tree,
with limbs that reach back into

Then, as a spider tentatively testing
the threads of his web
I would carefully test the line.

I will wait to see who was aware
of this subtle vibration,
not all will hear it
for many are still asleep.
But some will.

And when I understand
that I cannot be alone
I will be happy to be a single
strand of colour

In the immense Tapestry of Life..

© 1996 Robynne Black

Posted by: pisceandreamnz | August 6, 2011

State of Grace


In the breath of meditation

i find a ‘state of grace’

tune into the station

enter sacred space


Seagulls surfing currents of air

soaring and circling the sky

Crying out to all who hear..

‘why walk, when you can fly’


Track walkers nod benignly

some beaming their dolphin smiles

a sailboat glides with liquid ease

streaming thru the miles


Oceans rhythms, rock my soul

salty breeze sweeps doubt away

Here is now.. this moment Whole

a place I wish to stay


I take this morning home with me

heaving a bliss filled sigh..

Nature signs ’til we meet again’

in truth, its not goodbye………..

Posted by: pisceandreamnz | July 23, 2011

Invaded by fairies

Ella and her fairy friends

Posted by: pisceandreamnz | July 14, 2011

***Fairies and Pirates*** Ella’s 5th birthday party

In honour of Ella my grandaughter’s 5th birthday, with a ‘fairies and pirates or just something magical theme’, I have a new ‘flower fairy’ profile pic, I quite like it, the old photo looked too sober! The whole costume cost me all of $13, and an hour of my time looking around the local op shops!

Posted by: pisceandreamnz | July 7, 2011

Eclipsing sky!

Who summoned this vision of broken cloud

heaving its pregnant burden.,

like a leaden shroud

across the fading sky

Who named the fear that whispered within

or felt the chill

as the cold seeped in

and settled on sagging shoulders

A clap of thunder breaks the chain

Signing arrival of torrential rain

the release of a heavy load

A barrage of feeling makes its way to ground

a cleansing of sorts

through expulsion of sound

seeking a channel of expression

A picture that paints a thousand words

of a reflective mode

or a collective mood

reflected in the eclipsing sky?

Posted by: pisceandreamnz | May 15, 2011

Under the liquidamber

Autumn sings her song now
in the whispered stillness of quiet reflection
she packs the suitcase of summers remembrance..

Her clothing rustic hues,
oranges, yellows and reds
ease the eye and heart with richness
a prelude..
to the hearthfires that warm the body
with the arrival of winters chill.

In mellow voice her caramel tones
seduce the breeze
leaving word
to fell the leaves
that flutter
like wounded butterflies
carpeting this earthen floor

As here I sit
under the liquidamber
keeping company with Autumn
the tree
and me……

Posted by: pisceandreamnz | January 29, 2011


Desiderata: one of my all time favourites, with visuals, sound and motion, just beautiful.

Music: Vol de Nuit by Paul Schwartz

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Steven Forrest illuminates Pisces

Posted by: pisceandreamnz | January 28, 2011

Titahi Bay

Well, it’s been more than a decade and a half now, since I made one of my first attempts at poetry, a need to somehow express and explain this sense of being a Pisces, and what that meant, in my version of the world at least, ha!

Looking back now, the wording is probably very basic, but it still somehow captures the feeling I wanted to express at the time.

I softly tread this path I take
this road unto the sky
while others movements, thunder, shake,
my tremor is inside.

Can this vision blend with theirs
or is it just a dream?
Can it speak its piece at night
or is it just a shining thing?

I’d rather flow along the stream of life
than make a wave
this pace of life confuses me
leaves me in a daze.

I know there is a silence, a place of utmost peace
where everything’s as clear as day, and wonder’s never cease!

With Neptune soon to return home to its own sign in Pisces,  I feel the need again to share  those things that bring a sense of peace, a feeling of wholeness, an expression of beauty,  and a much needed (at times) escape from reality.

 These come in different forms, music/words/images/snapshot moments,  so in true piscean form, (which is actually no form at all) this blog will probably just be a rambling scrapbook of things I love and want to share.

 Ahh.., I feel great for having started this, as if this part of me is a child that I’ve neglected too long, and its now really happy to have its say.

Love always